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REVIEWS: School Library Journal, January, 1996
Gr 6-9 This engaging, live-action video presents a mini-lesson on commas. “Spike” Spencer, the young adult host, and the narrator, Roger Evans, are assisted by a multicultural, mixed gender who present humorous skits for each of the seven rules for using commas. The rules are listed in easy to read black and white graphics but don’t remain onscreen long enough for viewers to take notes. However, instructors could pause the tape so students would have time to copy them. Yellow chalk marks on the black and white graphics diagram the sentence to show which words are modified as a result of the comma. This technique is very effective for visual learners to see why the commas are placed in a certain part of the sentence. The amusing skits after each rule illustrate how commas placed differently in a sentence completely change the meaning. A catchy tune, “Throw the Comma Down,” emphasizes comma rules so auditory learners will remember them. The instructional objectives are well met, and the narration and aural quality are very good. The video, appropriate for group or individual viewing, is a recommended purchase for all middle school instructors who would like to inject a little humor into their punctuation lessons.
Kathy Drummer, Newcastle Middle School, WY

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